Pippa Beeson ‘Your courses really helped’ 14 December 2017

Thank you so much for helping me out this year….new to off road riding properly, had done tiny amounts back in 80’s but never learnt any techniques. This year I came to you in June to do stage one and back in September to do stage 2 with my boyfriend.

I slowly been using your ways and on stage 2 in September, I was bottling out going down hill because of a number of reasons. Since then Ive been out on my Rev 3 taking it really easy and breaking things up in stages, challenging myself with little hills to combat my fear of this downhill thing, having bruised ribs back in February, I just couldn’t get out of the habit of not going downhill. I went back to the dreaded drop-off  less than a month ago on my Husky…me in front with my friends behind and was told after, I lined it and did it with style and after I was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Thank you for everything and I wrote 2 articles for the Surrey TRF forum of my adventures of which many people enjoyed, hoping to inspire some of them.

I wish you guys a very happy Christmas and new year, tale care.