2 Experienced Instructors
3 Stage Course
2 Fantastic Locations
7 Years of teaching
``Escape the 5% of tarmac roads and onto the 95% of tracks that cover the world``

Meet Our Instructors


Patsy Quick is probably the best known female off-road motorcycle rider in the UK today. During 20 years of riding she has completed major overland expeditions, been British Women’s Enduro Champion, European Women’s Champion and competed in many international rallies, including 4 Dakars. She has also runs a successful international rallye support business, providing others from many countries with a means to realise their ambitions. For the past 8 or 9 years she has been involved in training riders at all levels, from novices taking their first steps, to experienced riders needing to enhance specific skills. Having been immersed in the world of off-road riding she has developed a huge range of experience which can benefit others. She is passionate about helping people learn and improve, her reward is seeing their enjoyment as they do so. Patsy established the Academy with the goal of providing the best quality training, in a friendly and non-pressurised environment, to take people as far as they want to go, be that competent green-laning or the Dakar Rallye.

Clive ‘Zippy’

Clive ‘Zippy’ Town has been riding off road motorcycles for, some would say, not that long, but in the last 13 years he has packed in a vast amount and experienced a great deal. His first rally was the Optic 2000 which he entered, not having even completed a straight forward enduro styled event. His sense of navigation and natural confidence of riding off road, lead him to the finish, where he narrowly missed out on the first Brit award. Over the next few years, he was heavily involved in the enduro scene and competed in two prestigious I.S.D.E events, where he received a bronze finishers medal. Clive was Patsy’s riding partner on the Dakar for three years and like Patsy in 2006, reached his goal by getting to the finishing line. Since then he has also competed in the extreme enduro The Red Bull Romanics in 2008 and 2010.

Zippy’s relative late start in off road motorcycling is by no means a disadvantage, in fact this has given him the unique advantage of being sympathetic to the needs of new pupils to the off road riding scene. His relaxed and humorous style quickly gives newcomers confidence and new found skills. Zippy has excellent motorcycling skills, but more importantly he has the ability to pass on these skills to others, which is a problem that many ex-champion riders find when they move into teaching.